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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Target Thursday.. upcoming Giveaway!!.. name change?! so muchh!

Yes! I did go to target after work, but I was sort of rushed since Hubby was really hungry while we went, and we decided to bring our youngest daughter Jasmyn with us.. So.. my time was cut short.. Not only that, but omg the place was flooded with people. I guess last minute shopping for V-Day! yikes! lol..

Anyway, the short time that I was there, i was able to quickly find these items because i've been desperately searching for a foundation that I like.. and heard all the rave about this on YouTube and Makeupalley so I decided to see for myself..

I didn't have much time to check the colors LOL (always sucks to be rushed).. so we'll see I got Medium Beige i think..

But here's picture of the stuff I got:

L-R -- Nude Attitude L/S, ColorStay Foundation, Mauve it Over L/S

This actually looked a lot better when I did a better job blending it in lol, sorry for the crappy application job LOL! but I like it!

I LOVE this one too! we'll see though, I Love it a little bit more than my NYX lipsticks that I have in this similar color because when I apply it, a little goes a long way.. not like the NYX ones, I have to put a lot on.. but that's just me.. still love all my lipsticks! Just need to actually use them! LOL

I'll give you all my thoughts and stuff on the other foundations/powders that i have.. when i get the chance.. i'm hoping i've found the one though! we'll see!

When I originally made my youtube channel - it was completely random and spontaneous.. and now i'm like hmm.. because I'm really not used to be called Khris lol.. it's either Khristine or Xtine (pronounced ex-TEEN).. so it kinda.. well not bothers me, just feels awkward for me LOL..

and was wanting to change my blogspot to randomnesswithXtine.. but it rolls off the tongue better as randomnesswithkhris.. *sigh* lol.. i'm SO indecisive with names LOL! Ask anyone that has known me - i am notorious for changing my online screen names a million times before it suites me.. What do yall think? Keep it? Change it? HALP! lol..

anyway - i think that's it for tonight! I'm pretty excited for this weekend - to be doing my DBeautyshop review on the circle lenses, and also my "neutral" look tutorial :) weee!

Any requests?

But on a brighter note, i posted on my twitter today (@RandomnesswithK) that As soon as I hit 100 Followers here on My Blog and a 50 subbies on my YouTube Channel.. I'm going to be doing 2 separate Giveaway products! :) I'm very much excited as i've reached 20 subbies so far on my Youtube page! :) So Please Spread the word! :)

alright Beauties! That's it for now!

<3 Khrisxtine


  1. Hey girl!
    How do you like the revlon lippies?
    Im always reluctant to try matte lipsticks, since my lips are so dry.

    Personally, I like the name "randomnesswithkhris". Your right, it does roll of the tongue better.

    I am following! Keep up the great blogging :)
    Jess Mai

  2. Hey Jess! :)

    My lips are really dry.. so no wonder i dont wear lipstick lol but right now ive been in a lipstick craze (dont know why! lol) but i really actually like these two revlon lip sticks.. they go on and feel satiny and stay pretty well.. i do have to moisturize my lips though real well before applying it - because if not it looks nasty lol! but i like these so far - i've only used them twice though! so we'll see how i really like it i haven't worn it out(only to work)

    :) thanks for following mee! yay!


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