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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday Gym Session

Hello Hello Everyone! :)

Sorry I didn't post the past day or two (I can barely keep track of the days!) I've been so busy with work and the kiddo's since my youngest one has been sick since Thursday - and i'm still recovering myself from the stomach flu..

But okay, I did a QUICK mini video saying hello to everyone as I was going to go to the gym.. LOL here's the video:

I was supposed to meet Karen & Derick at the gym AT 7:00AM lol.. But that is about the time I was able to get My youngest one, Jasli to finally go to sleep. She's been sick, and of course - couldn't really sleep well.. and the rainstorm last night also didn't help.. it was pouring cats and dogs one minute, then the next it was cricket quiet.. this was ALL night long.. until 7AM.. it had finally stopped around the time i left to go to the gym (which I finally got there at 7:38AM)..

In my little video, i said i was just going to do cardio.. lol when I got there and saw the weights and everything.. i was like.. NO i am going to do Chest/back just like my original plan.. soo of course I did just that! (Training Karen of course ;) - twas real fun!)

The exercises that we did were:

Chest Exercises:
- Dumb-bell Flys (3 sets of 8 repetitions at 10lbs)
- Dumb-bell Press (3 sets of 8 repetitions at 12lbs)
- Machine Press (3 sets of 8 repetitions at 65lbs)

and for Back..
Back Exercises:
- Bent Over Dumb-bell rows (3 sets of 8 repetitions at 25lbs)
- Seated Cable Rows (3 sets of 8 repetitions at 60lbs first set then 70lbs last two sets)
- Lat pulldown (3 sets of 8 repetitions at 60lbs)

Those of you ladies that don't normally lift weights and are reading my work-out are like OMG! why do you lift weights - you're going to turn "buff' like a man! just to go off-topic for a little bit...

Let me prove you wrong! Firstly.... we are WOMEN!! yes we do have all sorts or hormones (men and women).. but mainly I want to inform you all we are genetically not able to become "buff" naturally by lifting some weights - especially the weight I am doing.. unless we take steroids/creatine etc etc and are looking to get that way (and NO protein shakes will not make you "fat"... unless it clearly states "weight gainer" and you don't exercise regularly and do not eat healthy)..

Men and women both have testosterone, true.. BUT men have MUCH MUCH MUCH more than what Woman have.. because testosterone (main hormone in increasing muscle mass/size naturally) is SUCH a powerful hormone.. hence why Men can lift so much weight, gain/lose weight so easily because this is their natural genetic mark-up!

And i've been lifting weights (on and off due to stressors of life - but like i mentioned in one of my other posts, i'm about to get dead serious with this and lean out/lose weight for real!).. since May 2009 (mother's day to be exact)..

I don't wanna go too off topic on this matter, but i just want to encourage woman to get back in the weight room, take control, do not be afraid of the weights.. and if your not seeing results by lifting 2-5lbs a million times, then maybe try upping the pounds and lessening the repetitions!

there are a lot of great articles out there:

And SOOO many other websites that will debunk those myths we have all heard! so please read-up and get empowered to lift weights and get a sexier yoU! :)

I lost 20lbs doing weight lifting, exercising regularly and eating well! i'm still working on it.. and NO i'm not slim and fit just yet and i'm not perfect, but I'm a work in progress and I won't stop trying to better myself! :) cause there is always room for improvement.

Like I mentioned, my goal is to lose 30lbs and lean out..

Anyhow.. if any of you ladies want to get into shape.. i'd love to help any of you out.. I am NOT a personal trainer, nor do i claim to be.. but i, just like every woman that researches online, wanting to know the best way to better myself/body image.. i look online, do some research ask people.. and i guess i have the upper hand since my husband is very knowledgable in this field, it's his Hobby and he's been doing this for 4 years now.. I admire his tenacity.. and throughout the years have seen an amazing transformation..and have seen first hand what exercising gets you! but of course his goals and my goals with body image/shape are real different :) but nonetheless the weights will get us there! hehe ;)

anywaaaaaaay (sorry i am random and go off topic a lot huh?)

so here is a website that is great for beginners (i mainly use this to check out exercises and how to do proper form etc).. but check it out!

but my muse for wanting to get in shape... Jennifer Nicole Lee (that's all i'll say!)

anyway I gotta feed the kiddos! be back soon!

<3 Khristine P.S. - if you have any questions feel free to ask! :)

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