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Monday, February 8, 2010

Just another Manic Monday...

Hello Everyone! Just as the title says.. it was just another Manic Monday.. I wish it was Saturday! LoL..

anyway - hope you all had a fabulous weekend! I sure did.. :)

Yesterday was Superbowl Sunday.. and we decided to spend the day at My parents' house because my brother and our friends we're going to be over to watch the game, cook some bbq and eaaat! LOL..

although there was a TON of yummy and delicious food, I was a good girl and ate small portions.. didn't overeat, and made sure what I ate wouldn't affect me haha :)

Karen, Derick and I did go to the gym in the morning - it was AWESOME lol.. not to mention the unsolicited advice someone had tried to give us at the gym.. (which is my pet peeve - just because we are women, please do not give advice if no one is asking you - please!)

Anyway - I don't have a "hello" video like I did on saturday's workout ;) but what we did yesterday:

Good Mornings (3 sets of 8 repetitions at 40lbs)
Barbell Squats using olympic barbell (3 sets of 8 repetitions at 80lbs)
Bulgarian Lunges (I think that's what they're called lol - 3 sets of 8 repetitions)

Then we finished up with some Ab workouts.. (crunches, leg lifts etc).. I felt ggrreat! I'm rather sore (a good sore though!)

anywho, back on subject..

yesterday I wanted to post about the nails that i had gotten.. they are absolutely adorable! LOL.. they are the glue-on nails the brand is Broadway.. it's my first time ever using the glue-ons.. but i love them.. here are some pictures:

the box of the nails

the contents of the package - on the other side is more/extra nails, and a wooden nail pick i think it's called

Super easy instructions and visual on how to apply them and then instructions on how to remove them

What they look like on :)

This will be my Nails of this week!

And they are actually pretty sturdy.. because all day I was super busy doing procedures, giving injections, preparing medication, lifting, picking, pulling tabs off of medicine etc.. and none of them broke off! they are real sturdy and i like them.. they are real nice (and have many other designs) and they don't look thick like acrylic nails do (the ones i've seen at least).. so these are natural enough for me to wear to work, because they look like a manicure lol ;)

Anyway - so far i give these two thumbs up! :) I'm looking forward to getting more designs.. beats spending 30 bucks on a fullset! and end up ruining your nails!

I didn't really get anything else.. lol.. I have been trying out my circle lenses.. and i must say i've worn the hypersize gray one two days in a row, and they have not dried out my eyes! ;) I love them! i think tomorrow i'm going to wear the 4 tones blue pair..i think lol.. depends which scrubs i'm gonna wear :)

There is just SOO much stuff i want to purchase like Laneige products, I want to try out some BB Creams, some make-up, I really want those Muji Drawers I saw from Dainty*Dollymix' blog! love it!

I've been wanting a new webcam because i feel like when i do my tutorials, you can't see the colors.. and i've seen reviews/test videos on youtube of the webcams i've been considering (logitech quickcam pro 9000, quickcam orbit af) what do you all use?

I also want to get the Konad nail stamping system.. lol.. GAHHH! i don't know what to buy first.. because I am on a budget! right now i'm in such a "lipstick, eyeliner and nail craze".. don't know what it is.. today was the first day using the liquid eye liner.. and to tell you the truth, i seriously need practice haha! im SOOO used to using pencil, that liquid liner is such a challenge to me.. that and i have shakey hands!

Well that's my bloggedy blog for this Monday - i'm super tired from today's events at work.. and i'm just going to rest up.. because Karen, Derick and I are all heading to the gym!

i'll make a video blog soon (when i get the extra time - or get a new webcam ughh!) on my weightloss journey and any progress i've made (which i'll proudly say YES!).. ;)

I'm going to post a FOTD in a little while!

<3 Khristine

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