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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Disneyland Wednesday (Jasmyn's 2nd Birthday)

Hey Everyone! I know I said I was going to have a tutorial recorded tonight.. but I've been extremely pooped with the events this week - that it'll probably have to wait until maybe possibly Sunday.. maybe even next week tues/wednesday.

Yesterday was my youngest daughter's 2nd Birthday! Jeebus do they grow fast!! Enjoy your little ones while you can! because before you know it they'll be all grown up talking back to you! LOL.. (that's how it sorta is with my soon to be 4 year old!)..

So in honor of my daughter's Birthday - we decided to go to Disneyland!..we go so often that when we were there.. we saw they had monthly payment plans for the Annual pass! we were Like WTF?!!! lol.. had we known that before - we would have gotten that A LONG time ago!.. so much money would have been saved (we buy our tickets from ebay lol).. so this made so much sense to just get the premium annual pass for Hubby and I.. (we are going to get Tianna's next time).. since we didn't get to buy our usual tix from Ebay - we we're like.. we'll just get them at Disneyland.. and the tickets there were for one day was $70+.. and the down payment for the annual pass was $72.. so we were like - it didn't make sense to just buy the one day ticket when we could get the annual pass and just pay $30 a month!

so now we didn't feel bad leaving early, since we could return anytime (NO blackout dates! aweeesome!).. 15% discount on food and other stuff.. FREE parking! jeeez come to think of it - we wasted SO much money!.. but can't cry over spilt milk.. so i'm SO happy we got an annual pass lol!

Overall it did rain a bit.. on and off.. but it wasn't bad at all! the girls had TONS of fun..  I'm going to upload pictures and video's from our adventure soon.. as i'm pooped and i'm going to bed early tonight..

Disneyland actually closed at 7PM yesterday.. but we wanted to beat the traffic (of everyone getting out at 7 and traffic to get home since we were an hour away).. we decided to leave at 5:30ish.. we didn't get home until a little bit after 7.. MAN was I tired..

I sorta skipped out on my workout (i'm SORRY Karen lol).. because when we got home, my in-laws were there waiting to blow out Jasmyn's Birthday candles on her ice cream cake (i was like omg sugar rush for them lol).. so the girls sure did have tons of fun at Disneyland (taking pictures with the princess').. and then all the cake and food they had waiting for them at home.

It was funny because My oldest daughter cried because Jasmyn blew out the candles - and we were trying to explain it was Jasmyn's birthday.. but we lit the birthday candles about 4 times so they could each blow out the candles.. :) it was rather cute! lol.. i love my girls..

and today was an awesome day at work! I'm actually training in pediatrics department (I normally work in family medicine).. and so i absolutely LOVE working with children.. it's been so much fun i love it.. even though it's real fast paced and real hectic.. just a break from the norm that i'm used to.. plus the kids don't complain nearly as much as the adult patients (you'd think it'd be backwards.. but not in my experience at least!!)..

So i'll be training in pediatrics for 2 more weeks.. but i'm hoping that I can find an opening in pediatrics because i really really really really REALLY love it! <3..

anyway.. i'm going to be adding items to my blog sale.. i really need to get rid of these things as they are just sitting collecting dust!! :)

so i didn't want to leave ya'll hanging with no post from me (for those that actually read my blogs lol).. but i'm going to update this post later with pictures for you all!

Good Night and Happy Friday! <3

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  1. Sounds like you had so much fuuuun! It's a good thing you found out about that Annual Pass -- what a steal!!! I have NEVER been to Disneyland/Disneyworld before (deprived!!!) - so when I finally get to visit one day, it will be so awesome!

    Can't wait to see the pics & Happy Birthday to Jasmyn! (Is that her favorite Disney Princess?)


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