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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Funday @ The Gym 2/21/10

So today's exercises are going to be for Chest & Back. this video is me AFTER the gym.. i forgot to put up my background (my zebraaa lol).. but whatever ;) i'm tired and just wanting to shower :)

and the exercises that I will be doing are:

Chest Exercises:
- Dumbbell Bench press (20lbs each hand - 3 sets of 8 repetitions)
- Inclined Dumbbell Bench Press (20lbs each hand - 3 sets of 8 repetitions)
- Dumbbell Flyes (10lbs each hand - 3 sets of 8 repetitions)

Back Exercises
- Bent Over Rows (30lbs each hand - doing them one side at a time though- 3 sets of 8 repetitions)
- Standing Barbell Rows (40lbs - 3 sets of 10 repetitions)
- Dumbbell Pull Overs - (10lbs each hand - 3 sets of 8 repetitions)

lol this was after our workout, in the girls locker room (don't worry no one was in there haha).. and this is Karen! :) LoL She's silly!

My Fit motivation of the day: For those that are starting out, and need motivation, take a before picture and refer to it DAILY for constant motivation!

I am trying to get the courage to post my journey from post-partum (after i had my babies) to now.. My husband and i were going through old photos and he even has noticed the drastic changes that i've been through and he thought i should also post them up..

who knows maybe my story will motivate you ladies who want to lose weight.. it IS possible - it takes work though (unfortunately can't happen overnight).. plus think about it, I am PROUD of what i've worked up for :) and when you exercise and see results (not from crash dieting) you'll know you actually worked hard for it! :)

alright folks! :) have a beautiful Sunday! <3

<3 Khristine


  1. You are so motivated!!! That is completely awesome! About how long do you typically spend at the gym? Do you feel exhausted afterwards or is your body so used to it that you don't feel fatigued? Man, I have so many questions -- I was thinking about picking up Yoga but I really am clueless when it comes to fitness *sigh*

    It would be wonderful to eventually hear your story...but of course, only when you are ready. You must have an incredible strength since you are not only a working professional but also a mother AND fabulous bloggette! :)

  2. Aww Irene you are too sweet! <3

    I'd love to try and answer any questions you have! I LOVE helping out other women who want to work out/exercise etc that don't know where to start - because i was there! SO unmotivated!

    but i typicaly spend an hour to the longest is 2 hours. afterwards i feel very energized! i'll crash a few hours later, but that's normal because my body needs carbs/protein to recover..

    i do yoga once in awhile, but i'm really into weights right now - fastest way to burn fat while building lean sexy muscle..

    check it out it's called :) i originally lost 20lbs from doing that, eating healthy and doing weights.. but then i stopped lol (darnit!) and am at that point where i'm starting over.. so far so good though.. i'm seeing some real good results and am happy that i want to only do more more more..

    i'm going to wait a few more weeks to get my story and pictures together! i really want it to be very motivational because i know it took me a lot to get where i am now and i only want to share it with those who need a boost! :)


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