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Saturday, February 20, 2010

MAC, Walgreens & Target Haul .. Also my package from Ect (Erynn)

So On Friday,  Since there was a Walgreens right down the street from my work, I decided to stop by and check out what they had there.. I ended up picking up some Lipsticks from Maybelline's Newest collection

left to right: Tinted Taupe & Pink Please

I also decided to pick up some Mascara, and opted for the Maybelline's Lash Stiletto VOluptuous in Black

I had taken My Oldest daughter Tianna and My Husband's little cousin Tin-Tin and went to the Mall.. to check out the MAC store, because I wanted to pick up some stuff and also did the Bac2Mac (where you give back 6 plastic MAC items in exchange for a lipstick)

I decided to get "Blankety"

And then here's everything else I got:

I got the Face Prep + Prime Skin Base Visage, MSF Liquid Foundation in NC35, Press Powder, and blush in Coygirl

and I had to stop at our last stop Target.. I originally was there to get the Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner - but they were all out of black - and I was NOT about to get brown LOL.. but i didn't want to leave without anything - so I found this:

Sonia Kashuk's "Hidden Agenda" Concealer! Heard great things about this and how it was supposedly discontinued and repackaged.. i'm not too sure since i haven't seen the "original" one.. but so far so good! I use the greenish toned concealer for the redness on my face and it hides it well!

Also My package from Ect (Erynn) Came in the mail today! Nothin better than coming home to a package waitin' for you!

Love the earrings! they're so cute! Plus I'll let you all know how I like the epistick soon! :) going to try it out!

<3 Khristine


  1. Hey Khristine!
    lovely haul :) I'm trying to do back2MAC soon too. btw, just curious... do they also accept paint pots? or just the plastic containers for the e/s? [please let me know via my blog chatbox ^_^]

    & btw, I use pinkplease too. ahh~ i used to love that lipstick alot but i'm currently into the nude-ish orange type of lipstick. [still in a hunt for the perfect one]

    anyways, hope youre having a wonderful weekend


  2. Ooo I really like Pink Please :D Yay, you got the package ^_^ I really hope the epistick works for you babe!!<3

  3. @ect - thanks hun! i actually tried out the epistick yesterday and it works! doesn't hurt either and pulled a mass load of hair LOL! dang never knew my upper lip was that hairy HAHA!

  4. Ooooh definitely post pics on your lips when you can...I wish I could find a nice lip color for me, but I don't have lovely light asian skin so I can't pull off many different lippies *sigh*

    Love your hauls!!! Curious about the LASH STILETTO (sounds sexy) & Sonia Kashuks concealer palette! <3 I want to go shopping now hehe...

  5. I loveeeee maybelline's pink please lipstick...thats love hahahahahaaa
    How you like the prep & prime?

  6. @Irene - i'm definitely the same! i can't pull off many colors of lipsticks i tend to get the same color as my lip as they're already kind of pigmented.. but i'll show you what the colors look like (yikes!) lol..

    i'm going to do a review on teh lash stilletto mascara.. i do like the wand the 2 times i've used it lol..

    @Cyd - :) i've used the prep and prime twice now.. and so far so good - i think the combination of the prep + prime, foundation then powder it has blurred my big ole pores and you can't see them.. which is a big big big plus for me! lol.. but i'll tell you how i like it since i barely just used it on the weekend.. true testament will be after a days worth of hard work lol


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