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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Got My NYX Cosmetics from CherryCulture, FOTN & Some other things too

Okay, i'm really late on this "haul" lol.. okay maybe it's not a haul, since every other freakin post lately has been a Haul.. i SWEAR.. this month has been the only time i've ever bought much make-up since Hubby and I are saving like crazy :)

But anyhow.. :) remember my post about going to ulta and them not having my jumbo eyeshadow pencil in milk and the other lipsticks.. fail x2? lol.. well I finally just decided to freakin buy it from (which they are having a 20% off sale right now! - so gooo while it's still on!)

I ordered my stuff 02/02/10.. and it came in the mail on 02/04/10.. that was fast! considering i purchased my items on 02/02/10 at like 7PM lol it came bright and early on thursday mornin!

Anyway, to get the the things I got, and am so eager to share them all with you since most of these items were like 1.75 a piece! or something lol..

yay! got my package! lol (blurred out my addy of course)

The lipsticks (Hermes, Indian Pink & Thalia)

Hermes - a brownish with a hint of orangey shade lol i don't know but i like it!

Indian Pink - a light-pinkish with a goldy shade, it's okay on me i think ;)

Thalia - Like a very light mauvy-brown-nude color on me, don't really know how to explain it.. but i actually like it!

(LOL - sorry for the terrible descriptions of the colors haha!)

And finally - the ONE thing i have wanted forever it feels like LOL.. ;)

NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow in Milk

I have been wanting this to use as a base for my eyeshadows to get a more vivid look! so YAY! lol.. Can't wait to wear this though! :)

So I found out.. a little too late (when I needed to use it).. that I ran out of my eyeliner (MAC's Graphblack Pencil).. and well the mall was close to closing time and it would take me forever to get my girls ready and then forever to get their.. so i decided to go to target and try out something NEW!...

Well.. I ended up accidentally getting a Loreal Liquid Liner in freaking BROWN because I was dumb and didn't read well.. because I guess I was thinking black, and in my mind i swore it was black, but when i took it home.. it was BROWN! WAHHH lol.. well i didn't think anything of it.. i said.. I guess i'll just try the "natural" look tomorrow for work..

I also got this from target since I was on the hunt for a new chapstick and saw this was a "minty" fresh feeling lol..

I must say that it's not as minty as i want it to be.. but it is minty, but it DOES work! I swear! My lipstick pictures on the other posts, my lips were chapped and peeling.. and the ones i took (that are in this post) my lips are super soft and not dry anymore! and that was only after 2 applications! :) so i like this chapstick.. too bad there was only this one left lol

Anyway, back to my "natural" look.. I did.. and turned out, that it made me look like &#%^%^$%!#@!! lol.. i kept getting asked, "are you still sick?" "ohh.. you look real sick".. i guess cause it looked like i wasn't wearing any liner.. and it ended up just making me look like i had dark bags under my eyes (the shadowing i guess lol).. so lesson learned - never get brown ever.. just doesn't go with me lol..

So on Friday, after work - i didn't have time to go to the mall, since my little one was sick on thursday evening and there was a walgreens right down the street from my work.. so i decided to go.. and i decided to try these out..

Maybelline's Lasting Drama by Eyestudio.. This is a Gel Liner, reminded me of MAC's Fluidline Blacktrack.. but I think this is more creamy/gelly than my Fluidline.. I'm going to give it a try and let you all know what I think about it..

This was the second eyeliner I decided to try out.. because I want to try using Liquid liner, since all i use is pencil.. I thought this would be a good time to try some different eyeliners (types etc).. :) so i'll also get back to you on this one haha ;)

Okay, this is my FOTN, my digital camera has been acting funny, so i couldn't take a good picture, but excuse how i look on My FOTN, can't really see the beautiful colors i used from one of the trio palette's from NYX (i think i'm really starting to l-o-v-e nyx cosmetics! hehe)

but yea i did taxes for 4 hours today (had to accompany my dad, so it's been a long day lol

I'll let you all know how i like the eyeliners :) it'll be a change for me - since i'm sooo used to using pencil liner.. ;) wish me luck!

<3 Khristine

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