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Thursday, February 11, 2010

MY First Blog Award/TAG! YiPPie!

Okay - let's just say this is my first "blog award/tag" ever! SO woo hoo!

I was tagged by Gorgeous Princesa Livia

and the rules of this tag are:

"Post 10 things that make you happy, try to do at least one of them today, link back to the person who awarded you and pass along for up to ten people."

1. Family - They make me the most happiest. Whenever I am down, I look at my beautiful children and they ALWAYS brighten up my day! My Husband is the best ever! he knows exactly how to make me happy :) I LOVE Them!

2. GYM/Working Out - Working out/lifting weights, living a healthier lifestyle makes me happy! I know pumping some iron and hashin' all my issues out at the gym works for me - when I can't slap a b***~ lol.

3. My Car - Okay it sounds silly - but My Car is super important to me and makes me happy - because it's a means of transportation for me.. If I need to get away, visit my parents, GO SHOPPING! it makes me happy shifting the gears - steppin on the clutch and just zo0ming my way!

4. Make-Up - Make-up and beauty products definitely are on this list.. I mean I FEEL like crap if I don't wear make-up.. and I feel extremely happy when I get myself all prettied/dolled up.. even if it's for nothing - it just makes me feel good! AND I am always happy learning new tricks of the trade from other Guru's.. :)

5. Vlogging/Blogging - I actually LOVE to blog and video blog.. it gives me a sense of release, an outlet of some sort, where I can just relax.. I'm really shy in person, so I feel some sort of comfort when I blog, and also when i'm doing my video blogs - because I can be my absolute self without anyone really infront of me.. :)

6. FOOD - Yes I am a fitness junkie - but i LOVE food! not much I could add, but food makes me happy!

7. Reading - I actually do like to read, whether it be books to magazines, i just love reading and learning new words everyday! (lol no i don't read the dictionary hehe, but yea i like books - like twilight lol!)

8. Shopping - WHO doesn't love to shop? (well i'm sure there are those that hate it).. I do Like to shop on occasions.. I used to be an obsessive shopper.. but i've learned to control it, but still enjoy a little splurge here and there for myself.. i work pretty effin' hard to have the things I do.. I Love shopping for my little girls though! LOVE little girl clothes and stuff - absolutely adorable!

9. Girly-Stuff - I LOVE getting my hair done, nails did.. I don't get them done very often, although I do try to maintain.. but it's real hard when you work full-time, have 2 toddlers, try to study for school etc.. but when I do - It makes me feel "like a natural woman" HAHA ok i kid, but yes it makes me feel good about myself!

10. TV - I love watching The Office, Heroes, Dexter, True Blood.. those shows make me happy - keeps my mind off work stress lol..

Alright - so yes i have a weird list ;) but yes - these are the things in my life that make me the happiest!

SO.. now i will pass the tag to the following beauties:

- Jen from
- Aubrey aka Fafinette from
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- Nikki from
- RenRen from
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Thanks Livia for this one too ;)

Rules are too pass along to 15 People.. So Ill pass it along to the lovely ladies above and these gorgeous dolls below:

- April from
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Thanks for the tag/award - I am so thrilled! Hope you enjoyed reading this, as much as I had fun doin' it!

<3 Khrisxtine


  1. Hi Khristine!
    Awwww thanks for tagging me!
    btw, you should enter my giveaways if you want hehe! :) <333


    btw, I'm following :)

  2. I sure will Hun! because i'm SO curious about the BB Creams! Have been hearing so much good things! SO i'll defintely do that! <3

  3. Thanks for the award/tag love<3 I'm sooo with you on 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 (: I am on the shy side in RL too, so blogging really makes me feel comfortable, and everyone is so nice too. I feel suuper gross without makeup XP So I get happy when I do a nice look lol (:

  4. thanks for the tag!! :) i loved reading this post.

  5. Omg, thanks so much for the tag -- you have given me my first blog award too! ^_^ *BIG HUG* Thank you for bringing this little piece of sunshine into my snowy, dreary day...

    Love your blog -- you are hot stuff!!! ;)

  6. You Ladies are ALL welcome and deserve it! :)


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