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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

FOTN: Yellows/Purples (inspired look) & MAC Mini Haul

Okay so.. i was real bored today.. especially when it was just Jasmyn and I at home, while everyone went to pick up my FIL from the airport..

Jasmyn only wanted to watch her Ni Hao Kailan show, and I saw miss Tina Marie Online had posted a new tutorial and I thought to myself.. I don't have enough time to edit my video right now before the gym.. and this was the only chance I had at doing any type of makeup lol.. so i said shooot why not, I need to practice on my blending lol (cause i suck sometimes!)

but anyway this look was inspired by Tina Marie Online, and I know my look is no where near hers as she is a rare talent indeed.. but i loved the colors and her little tutorial - so enjoy!

(please excuse the crooked eyeliner - i'm not used to using liquid eyeliner just yet - since i'm always usually using pencil eyeliner! LOL).. but here ya go! let me know what you think and if you have any CC - i'd love to know what you'd think (be nice lol!)

Gosh - I don't even remember when I went.. but I think on the weekend I went to the mall to check out Viva Glam Lady Gaga lipstick.. and decided to pick up some brushes while I was at it..

Sorry the lighting sucks ;)

Brushes ;)

and the lipstick.. i'm not even really sure how i like it yet - it's real pink.. i think with a neutral eye it'll look alright.. then again i'm not really used to wearing lipstick, so i probably just don't know how to wear it (any tips?! lol)..

<3 Khristine


  1. LOVE the look, you did an awesome job! You blend like a pro!!! :) Which brushes do you use?

  2. Thanks hun!!! :) I actually used my new brushes and I LOVE THEM! ;) i used the mac 239 for the eyeshadow application, 217 for all blending, 219 for the outer corner

    i wish i blended like a pro! i need to get better! so any chance i get i wanna keep trying to do a fotd/fotn ;)

  3. You look g-OH-r-geee-ous!
    hehe! & omg~ you got my fave brush MAC 219! that's the HG for doing my outer v's more defined. :)

  4. btw as for the tips on how to use a really bright pink lipstick.

    try using a nude lipstick such a NYX's circe to basically erase your lip color [im sure your lips are pretty pigmented like mine too]

    make sure you blend the nude lipstick on your lips with your finger so it isnt too harsh & smoothly apply the pink lipstick & voila! it shouldn't be so pink looking ^-^

    let me know how that goes.

    and as for eye makeup, try neutral colors [black, browns or skin tone lids w/ black e/s on crease & outer v]

    hope that helps

  5. Thanks Nikki! i appreciate the tips! You're so sweet I Love it!

  6. hey Khristine! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I like how your name has an H kinda like mine but the H is at the end RebekkaH! mine is weird lol.

    Anyway, I went to mac and swatched the viva glam gaga and its way too pale for my medium/dark skintone. Its a beautiful color but it didn't look good on my lips. You have to apply your foundation to your lips as well to nude lips out and apply the lipstick. The foundation will take out all the pigmentation on your lips and provide a nice base.

    oh and i need a new mac 219 coz mine is old. Its still good though but old lol.

  7. Hi Becky! i also think it's maybe a little to pale for me too (or maybe i just am not used to it).. but i at least want to own a pinkky pink lipstick.. (i had contemplated about swapping it) but i'll give it a try lol!

    i'm still learning how to use the 219 brush - but so far so good!

  8. Those colors are really pretty on your eyes, & lol about the liquid liner I'm the same sometimes - but I use fluidline now & I love it, waaaay better than pencil or liquid. I love the Gaga l/p, it's a beautiful barbie pink shade, not something I'd wear everyday though.

  9. Hi love,

    omggggg your super duper pretty. Love the look i have never even thought of putting yellow and purple together before...

    && omgggggg you picked up a lot of MAC goodies..ive been dying to get the gaga lipstick..its so pretty...and i really wanna get 209 & 239 too. i have the 217 and love it hehehe

    You're Beautiful. Stay Gorgeous!!! I hope you'll have an amazing day. take care

    Love, Cydia

  10. @For the Fierce - Yea i don't think i'd wear the gaga l/s everyday either :)

    @Cyd - You are gorgeous, but i'm sure you know that already! i subbed to your youtube channel <3 your vids! also - i want to get more brushes, but i'm on a budget.. next thing on my list is foundation... cause the one i'm using is not happening! lol


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