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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Laneige & Ulta Haul

So I was feeling real terrible yesterday.. So From morning until about 6PM I stayed in bed all day.. The medicine I was taking made me feel a bit better, that I was able to do some shopping! (i don't think anything can keep me from shoppin' lol)..

So I went over to the Amore Pacific store (it took over 30 minutes to get there just because of the darn traffic ughh - my stomach was NOT so happy about that lol).. I did bring my oldest daughter Khristianna with me, because she loves goin with Mommy!

when I got to the store, I was greeted by the only person working there at the time. She was a very polite woman, her skin was amazing! (that was the first thing i noticed)..

I of course a NEWB at this stuff, told her my issues, what i was looking for and what she honestly recommended.. She recommended I start off with the basic box set which i got, then I also purchased the strawberry yogurt pack and the strawberry yogurt peeling gel.. then she gave me tons of free samples and of course explained them all to me and their regimen they do for the products (which i was soo excited - totally forgot everything haha).. but I tried it out last night and loved all the products! not harsh on my skin, i did feel like a cool sensation on my skin doing the regimen.. i'm just looking forward to what amazing things it'll do to my skin (so i've heard it'll do)..

so here are some pictures of what i bought at the store and then some of the samples..

the makeup remover facial cleanser

Day/Night Eye cream (has a side for day and side for night :))

Just the samples of the above mentioned

The Set that I got.. pretty neato :)

The strawberry yogurt peeling gel and pack

the samples i got (chocolate soap, a gift bag with goodies, facial masks)

So i'll post some before and after pictures.. but i'll give it some time to work it's magic before i report anything.. I must say - it's going to take a long time for me to get used to doing this 4-5 step regimen than my short wash face and moisturize and get on with my day lol..

But i'm willing to try it out.. i'm sick of my skin feeling so dull and blah!

On to the next place :) .. I went to Ulta because i just wanted to get some things that i've been wanting for awhile now lol.. but of course when I went there - they sold out.. so now i have to go somewhere else - will probably do that later today..

but i purchased a new Shu uemura eyelash curler, because i've been using the same damn one for like 2 years LOL.. i originally bought it at the sephora store at the northridge mall, but when i went to go back to "finally" get a new one.. they told me they didn't sell it in the stores anymore.. i was like whaaaaat? lol.. and when i saw this at Ulta, i was like i HAVE to get it lol.. I also wanted to get NYX Jumbo eye pencil in Milk, but they didn't have it.. but i got a white eye liner instead (also from NYX) .. and two lipsticks from NYX that i thought were quite interesting in color... Here are some pictures :)

NYX Eyeshadow Trio i decided to try out

Swatches of the colors.. it came out okay.. didn't use that much too

The NYX jumbo eye pencil i did get in baby blue

the white eye pencil i told you all about ;)

What they look like on my skin

My New eyelash curler yay!

The Lipsticks I got

Sorry it's sideways lol

I think this is Narcissus

Tea Rose

I'm gonna be doing some looks with the trio and see how i like it ;) i'm excited.. just gotta find time to do it all lol..

I also want to try out the Konad Nail stamping system that I heard about.. :) maybe next payday! I'm also going to go back to the Amore Pacific store for some more beauty products and perhaps a powder ;)

:) YAY! I'll update this post or post a new one on my FOTD.. or perhaps FOTN ;) have a great Tuesday everyone!

<3 Khristine



    Where I live, there's not many Asian shops. But I gotta say, the local Amore store is only 15 minutes from my house. I freakin' love that store! I wannna get the Strawberry Peeling thingy but I don't looks kinda plain. What would you say are your results from using it? I might just have to get it (to rid of my curiosity) next time I hit up Amore.

    And I seriously think it's so CUTE how your daughter's name looks so similar to yours (with the "h" and all, lol). =)

  2. Hi! :) Im new with Laneige (don't even know how to correctly pronounce it lol)

    but so far the strawberry peeling gel is great! but i've only used it twice and i feel my skin with the rest of the regimen it's getting real softer..

    im going to go back to get something for my damn zits LOL..


    thanks for the comment on my Daughter's name - it's actually my name and my hubby's name put together, but of course had to keep the KH in there ;)


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