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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sleepy & Rainy Saturday..

So today we missed the gym because *ahem* someone overslept/alarm didn't go off.. lol.. anyway -we'll be going at it tomorrow hard since we've missed today..

and it was freakin pourin rain outside.. on the way to Tianna's ballet/tap class.. and right after i had to put the girls to nap and then get all the food for her Jasmyn's Mini Birthday party..

I was bummed out that MY parents.. didn't bother to call and say happy birthday to her on wednesday.. or on thursday when i had my mother baby sit them for a few hours while i was at work and my mother in law had a procedure she had to get done..

i reminded her that Jasmyn's birthday party was going to be small and there was going to be food.. but she said she was going to come.. but of course another disappointment.. i'm a little hurt.. and pissed at the same time.. but im not going to go into detail.. i've just taken an ambien cause i've got too much on my mind and don't want to be sleepy blogging non-sense LOL.. but yea that disapppointed me when i called my dad and he answered *cough* oh im not coming i'm still sick.. then right away - SO how are the girls? .. meh.. goodbye..  well whatever i'll leave that for another day...

but i don't have much to write here.. only that i've decided to finally take better care of my brushes and i've purchased a few brush guards

NOT my images
taken from the brush guard website

I figure, I spend and invest in so much money on my brushes that i use for my face/eyes etc, why not invest in their lifespan! lol.. so i think this is the next major step aside from washing them.. because these guards keep them dry free/dust free and great way to let them dry without harming your brush and keeping the form of the brush! in turn will make the brushes last longer!

so i barely just ordered i think the variety pack, the shadow/liner pack, the foundation pack and the kabuki pack..

i know it looks like i bought too much, but i'm actually still adding to my brush collection!

i'll let you all know how i like it when i do receive it and start using them! :)

the Ambien is kicking in now.. have a great night!


  1. i think i should definitely invest in some brush guards as well =)

  2. Yea I'm super excited to get it now lol! :) because right now i'm just leaving them to dry standing up (and it's no bueno) cause all the bristles in the brush are getting out of shape :(

    so i'm hoping it'll come soon (i know they sent me an e-mail saying it can take 1-2 weeks).. so we'll see!

  3. Wow, I never even knew brush guards existed!!! Let us know how they work...

    Also, sorry about the parents flaking - I hope you get a good night's rest!


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