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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Recap of Monday & Tuesday ...

Hey Everyone! SO Monday - I didn't go to the gym as planned only because I was freaking sore as HECK from the weekends workouts... so it's best i let my body heal up and not to overwork myself :)

I forgot exactly what I did after work Monday.. lol.. But I think I just sorta stayed home with my girls and Hubby.. and did some make-up swapping and sold some of my make-up and items from my blog sale (check it out if you haven't already here)

Today, I was training in pediatrics (which i absolutely love! it's very fast paced and i LOVE it so far lol).. But today is my half-day.. and also My youngest daughter's 2  year old well baby check up (she turns 2 tomorrow yay!)..

so I took her to her appt, she got her immunizations (she was very brave!).. and then went to the post office to ship out some items people had swapped/purchased from me.. and also stopped by Walgreens to return the Sand Beige Revlon Colorstay Liquid foundation as it was a bit too light for me.. gave me a whitecast kinda ghostly look lol..

I still have the Medium beige, but thinking about swapping it for Warm Golden (which was recommended to me by other NC35' MAC users ;D)... so i'll probably add that to my blog sale.

Anyway, while I had been waiting for nearly 20 minutes for someone in the cosmetic department to return my one item ughh (they had paged customer service to cosmetic aisle like 4 times before anyone came.. mind you I was carrying my 25lb sleeping beauty daughter while waiting the whole freakin' time)..

While I was waiting, I Stumbled upon this:

I had heard "amazing" reviews on this from other beauty bloggers and on MUA. and it is like SOLD out everywhere else i've been (even says it'll be available or will ship in 2-4 weeks).. this was the last one! so I had to get it.. it's supposed to hide pores and imperfections etc.. people use it as a primer or a base.. so i'm going to use this under my prep + prime skin base visage and see how i like it..

So since Hubby did get tomorrow off (for Jasmyn's Birthday) we decided we are going to disneyland! yay! .. i'm very much excited.. and my awesome co-worker gave me her free 2fer ticket since no one in her fam-bam will use it! That was super sweet of her! I'm forever grateful!

So tonight we decided to go to Target to buy some diapers/wipes and also a food scale.. i had been wanting to try the freakin Revlon Colorstay eyeliner because other bloggers have tried this and says it stays put.. so i'm going to put it to the test tomorrow at Disneyland lol..

I do want to say that i've been using the Wet N Wild Creme/Gel Liner.. and i'm really really really LOVING it! i actually ended up putting it on my waterline and bottom lashline and it stayed put ALL day.. the brush that it does come with is real stiff and really tiny.. so like i mentioned in my posts before - i just use the Sonia Kashuk bent Eyeliner Brush and it's awesome!.. lasting power is amazing.. only problem is it is kinda hard to wash off for me.. I have to really scrub it off my upper lash line which i don't really like to do since that's a real sensitive place to be scrubbing.

Plus I really like pencils because i'm real fast at using it and it's easy and quick for me.. so hopefully the Revlon colorstay eyeliner will work for me on days i'm in a hurry to get ready for work and I just wanna put eyeliner on.

Well.. I'm going to get ready for the gym (going to be working out Shoulders & Biceps quickly before goin' home and getting things ready for tomorrow event's - YAY DISNEYLAND and Jasmyn's 2nd Birthday!)..

So Good night everyone!

P.S. FIT TIP FOR TODAY : Please do NOT forget to stretch before working out.. even if your just going out for a walk, or light weights :)

<3 Khristine

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  1. I must try out that primer...I hope it is not sold out at the WG I work around since I get a 25% discount this Friday!!! :)

    Good luck w/ your work out and congrats on the beauty find! Let us know how it works out!


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