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Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day to all! My Sunday :)

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone (I know i'm like late posting this) but i've been extremely busy today! I didn't get to go to the gym this morning, and I was so busy running errands, being with the kiddos and cleaning...ahh.. lol

It's okay i'm going to resume tomorrow! :) thinking about doings legs and somethin'.. not sure yet ;) but probably going to go at 1030pm.. since Hubby is off.

Since Hubby was working on Valentine's day - we're going to be spending it later today (since it's 1am and it's Monday already lol).. so YAY! He did surprise me and got me a dozen long stemmed roses this morning & got our daughters a balloon each :) what a sweetheart! (excuse the messy room

Anyway, I did go to target today to pick up a few things, and ended up buying a few Sterilite Drawers for my make-up. I'll take pictures of it and post them, i'm just not sure how i'm going to organize everything since I sorta just had it in my little train case that was broken lol.. and since my collection is growing, i needed a place to put all my stuff nicely so that i'm not digging everywhere in my "box" as i call it trying to get ready for work.

I FINALLY recorded my video review on the GEO Nudy grey circle lenses that I was sent to by I'll edit it later today, and perhaps do another tutorial on everyday brown/neutral eyeshadow look on Wednesday! I also picked up the Wet & Wild Mega Eyes Creme Eyeliner, since I was real disappointed with the Maybelline Eye Studio lasting drama one I had recently purchased. I must say, I've only tried the Wet n wile one just once (right before i did my video review, and i absolutely LOVE IT! it is SO dark/black, just how i like it. I didn't use the brush that it came with, it was way too stiff and too short for me lol.. I ended up using my Bent eyeliner brush from Sonia Kashuk.

The reason why I didn't like the Maybelline Gel Eyeliner that was supposedly comparable to MAC Fluidline Blacktrack.. was that it was NOT as dark as i'd hoped it was (and the picture on the box/packaging it came with - not the same).. It went on my skin like navy blue with a hint of shimmer/glitter which I did not like. It looked like i wasn't even wearing any eyeliner.. And that is my pet peeve, because I Look dead without eyeliner lol.. so that i did not like. Plus the color thing was not what i was expecting so yea lol.. So i'm probably going to sell it (if anyone is interested, please let me know).. it would definitely by suitable for those that like long lasting gel eyeliners that are not as bold/dark.. more natural looking.. (which in my post about the dang brown liner you know i do not look good with haha)..

Here's a picture of me and the eyeliner (sorry my eyeshadow is sort of fading - i did my recording of the video review real late) but i absolutely love it.. (yes this picture is a sneak peek from the video! :)

:) I love it so far! yay! ..

I did pick up a few other things, i'll leave that for another post.

I did enjoy Valentine's day with my little girls :) so overall it was a great day!

I'm super tired from cleaning/laundry and running around doing errands.. so.. i'm gonna hit the hay.. gotta get up early tomorrow for work ughh! lol..

Just a Heads up - I'm going to have a blog sale on a lot of things from make-up to purses, shoes and MORE so keep an eye out! i'm gathering pictures together at the moment as i have tons of unused/barely used etc stuff i'd rather have someone else put them to good use.

Anyway.. enough rambling.. good night!!!!!!

<3 Khristine


  1. Happy Valentines Day Khristine!!! Sorry you didn't get to spend it the way you deserve, but it's good you will be doing a V-day reschedule :)

    Also, YAY for organization! I seriously need some in my life...or I just need more closet space! :D

  2. Happy V-day Hun! :)

    we celebrated it tonight (just dinner).. it was fun! i'm just so pooped from work.. i'm waiting for the little ones to go to bed so i can do my video review on some lenses i was sent... lol..

    and yes YAY for organization!! i'm still wanting the drawers i originally saw from Sinead's blog.. but i can't find anything similar wahh :(

  3. Aww thanks for the sweet compliment hehe. I actually live in leggings on the weekend.. it's like my lazy go to outfit - I just throw on any v-neck tee or tank and heels!

    I'm actually planning on getting monistat gel to use as primer, lol. Have you ever tried it?

  4. I love leggings too but can always pull it off lol! but i love them to wear on the weekends too! lol

    i've heard about that monistat gel, but never tried it!


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